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Air conditioning plays a pivotal role in modern comfort. Yet several misconceptions have arisen around its usage. Dispelling these myths is essential for optimizing efficiency, comfort, and energy conservation. You may already need AC repair in Baxter, TN, and not know it.

Some of the myths include:

Lowering the Thermostat Cools the Room Faster

Air conditioning systems operate at a consistent pace, regardless of the temperature setting. Therefore, setting the thermostat ultra-low only leads to excessive cooling and energy wastage. Your AC may need an air conditioning service due to strain.

Leaving the AC On All Day Is More Efficient Than Turning It On and Off

An AC system works harder the longer it runs, consuming more energy over extended periods. It is generally more energy-efficient to turn it off when the room has adequate cooling, and back on when needed. AC replacement with modern programmable thermostats can help maintain a comfortable temperature while reducing unnecessary runtime.

Regular Changing of the AC Filter Increases Cooling Efficiency

It’s true that a dirty filter can impede airflow, leading to reduced efficiency. But changing it too often isn’t beneficial. AC maintenance by replacing a clean filter might even decrease efficiency. Brand-new filters can be more restrictive.

Ceiling Fans Cool Down Empty Rooms

Ceiling fans create a wind-chill effect that makes occupants feel cooler. But they don’t lower the room’s temperature. Leaving ceiling fans on in empty rooms wastes electricity.

AC Units Only Provide Cool Air

Air conditioners do more than just cool the air; they also dehumidify it. However, balancing temperature and humidity is essential for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Bigger AC Units Are Always Better

AC installation of an oversized unit can cool the room too fast. It may lead to short cycling (frequent on/off cycles) and inadequate dehumidification. This not only compromises comfort but also wastes energy.

With our prompt service at Aloha Air Conditioning, you can regain the comfort of a proper, functioning AC unit. Especially crucial during hot Tennessee summers. When you need an air conditioning contractor, reach out to us to book an appointment.



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