Why Do People Call Aloha Air-Conditioning and Heating?

In our experience, most people who call us do so because they have failed to maintain and service their systems properly, even though such service prevents most issues, such as a dirty coil, which is our most common service call. There are two coils; one inside the house and the other outside; and they are key to regulating temperature on any air conditioning and heating system. When the coils become dirty, they can cause the compressor to overwork, which puts a lot of strain on the entire system.

When the system is working extra hard to overcome a dirty coil, it reduces performance, reducing cooling capacity by as much as 15-20 percent, and it can also make the house more humid by not removing the moisture. In some extreme cases, a compressor can overheat, resulting in a huge repair bill and in some extreme cases, the strain can destroy the whole unit.

To avoid calling us for a major repair, people should call us for a maintenance service call twice a year; once a year, at least. By doing that, we can catch many things before they become problems; like low refrigerant, which can indicate a leaky coil, which is common. We will always check that when we do service or maintenance, using our sophisticated gauges and other equipment.

Sometimes, the condensation line can become clogged during the summer, as algae and other organisms create a slimy buildup in the line; it’s just something that happens every summer. We advise home owner to put some bleach in the line once a month during the summer, or we can deal with it with special tablets we can use when we do the semi-annual maintenance.

Mistakes That Make a Problem Worse

When the AC isn’t working properly, it’s extremely important to call someone right away. In some cases, the AC isn’t working well and the homeowner will turn the thermostat down to 60, but that is just going to make the problem worse; it can cause the compressor to freeze up and the entire unit to shut down, but even if it doesn’t go that far, trying to force it to work could cause problems for the fan motors and simply make whatever is wrong even worse.

When the system isn’t working properly, the only thing to do is to turn the unit off and call someone, before the system is damaged further. For example, if the compressor freezes, that’s a huge problem, because the compressor is the heart of the system; it pumps refrigerant throughout the system.

Depending on the age of the system, a compressor can cost between $1500 and $1,800 to replace. The general life expectancy of an HVAC system is 12-15 years, so sometimes it makes more sense to invest in a new system instead of putting money in an old one.

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