When Is an AC Unit Too Old?

The life expectancy of a typical HVAC unit is about 12 to 15 years, which is good, because there are a lot of changes in the technology, most of which results in significant energy savings. Quite often, our customers talk about installing new systems that save energy and money and which pay for themselves, without having to worry so much about maintenance, repairs or breakdowns, all of which adds up to greater peace of mind.

New air conditioning systems can save at least 40 percent on energy bills, which means they tend to pay for itself within 3-5 years, which means the next ten years is pure savings. We often see people with old Freon-based units in their homes, but they are really a lot more expensive to run than the new systems out there, and they are really bad for the environment. It’s usually more economical in the long run to replace a system than to keep repairing an outdated and old system.

Why Maintenance and Repairs are Great for Your System

That said, if your system isn’t running as well as it used to, calling us for a repair or for basic maintenance can be great for your system, great for your bank account and great for your peace of mind. People usually don’t think about their air conditioning unit when they’re not using it, so we generally see a spike in service calls in May, and the peak season for repair calls usually happens in June and July, when everyone’s system is straining to keep up.

Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating offers 24-hour service, and we can usually get to your system on the same day; most of the time, we’re there within a few hour. And we love taking care of our customers; not many companies in this field can match our level of service. We realize how important your comfort is to you and your family, so our techs can usually diagnose a unit within a half hour, and unless a compressor or the entire unit needs to be replaced, we can usually have it fixed the same day. Even with compressor or unit replacement, we try to have everything done within a day or two.

When people call us, we will give them an appointment window, usually within the hour, but if we’re running behind, we’ll tell you that, too. We keep our customers informed, no matter what happens.  When they arrive, our service techs will introduce themselves, then discuss the situation with the homeowner in detail, just to make sure they understand what the problem is. They won’t fix anything until they have explained every detail for the homeowner and make them aware of what’s happening, and even then, only if they give their permission to proceed.

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