What Does a Typical Service Call Cost?

We charge a $79 fee to send a service technician to the home and diagnose the situation; after that, all charges are a flat rate for each service. Of course, if our service techs do the repairs necessary, they will often waive that diagnostic fee. We believe in fair upfront pricing; we don’t give a customer a bill with a lot of extra charges; we give them the available options and allow them the choice of what they want to do.  We also provide a senior citizen discount.

We also have a special deal, which we call the Kahuna Klub, that can save our customers a lot of money. Every six months, we will go through the entire system to make sure everything is in good condition, including checking for leaks, making sure the refrigerant charge is sufficient and that everything inside and out is clean. We also check the electrical side of things and make sure all the connections are ok and everything is safe.

Maintenance is Key

Between visits, the best thing a homeowner can do to maintain their air conditioning unit is to keep the filter clean; a rule of thumb is to change the air filter every time you pay your electric bill each month. Doing that will ensure that the electric bill won’t skyrocket and your system will continue to work properly.

When an air filters gets dirty, it can block the air flow, and it will block the cold air, and that can cause damage to the motor or even the compressor’s wheel, and both of those can lead to extensive repairs down the road.  The best filters to use are the three-month filters, which can be used for three months without hurting the system. Be careful with washable filters, though, because, even though you can wash it out, the type of material used can result in restricted air flow, which, again, can result in compressor or motor damage.

We Are Better Than Other Companies

Recently, I spoke to a prospective customer about how no one was calling him back, and unfortunately, that happens a lot in our business; too often, technicians don’t respond immediately, and then it takes a couple more days for a technician to get out there. On the other hand, we answer calls to out phone number 24 hours a day and we respond as soon as we can; we will usually have a technician there the same day.

I’ve also heard complaints about service and maintenance, with customers complaining that techs for other companies weren’t thorough, with some of them spending no more than a few minutes before they were gone. Our techs are thorough, they won’t do a job quickly just to get it over with, and you will know exactly what they’re doing and how much they will charge even before they start work.

Another thing to think about; our service techs are safe. It’s understandable that some people are wary of contractors and the industry as a whole, but we are well-known and we encourage our customers to check us out. Every one of our technicians undergoes a thorough background check, so the homeowner has no worries other than the temperature of their home.

For more information on The Costs of a Service Call, please give us a call at (931) 345-2696 today to get one of our service technicians out to your home and get you comfortable again.

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