Is A Humidifier Necessary In Nashville And Middle Tennessee?

We’re asked at times if a humidifier is really necessary in Nashville and Middle Tennessee?  There are however several benefits to having a humidifier installed in your home.  Along with the medical benefits there are benefits for the preservation of your home as well.

What are some of the symptoms of poor humidity in?  First, for those of you who have hardwood floors you might notice a cracking or squeaking sound when walking on the floor.  Without the proper amount of moisture in the air the floors actually can dry out.  Next, have you or anyone in the family noticed nose bleeds?  Nose bleeds can be a sign of improper humidity levels as well.  Without the proper humidity levels the nasal passages in the nose can become irritated.  Also, if you have notice static electricity in the home this too can be a sign or poor indoor humidity.  One more thing, and I think it’s important, with the installation of a humidifier you could actually lower your thermostat and still be comfortable.  Because of the additional humidity in the home the moisture on your skin doesn’t evaporate as much thereby making you and your family more comfortable as well as saving money on your energy bill because of the lower thermostat setting.

So I know you’re thinking, “If this being the case, what can we do?”  A whole-home humidifier properly installed in the home can help alleviate your homes indoor humidity problems.  With today’s rapid advancement in technology there is greater control and comfort with whole home humidifiers.

Which humidifier is best?  There are of course several choices to choose from but from experience the best value is the Honeywell TrueSteam. The TrueSteam uses significantly less water than most other humidifiers.  Also, it has what we call ‘moisture on demand’.  If the sensor indicates the home needs moisture, the system comes on to deliver the right amount of moisture.  What’s more?  No more messy pads to change and the worry about bacteria build-up on the pads.