I Have Ice On My Heat Pump

A common question this time of year we hear is “Is it normal to have ice on my unit outside?”  The answer to that question is yes and no.  Let me explain.  A heat pump is a very economical piece of equipment until the temperature drops below a certain point.  That point is what we call the balance point.  The balance point in our area is usually somewhere between 32 and 36 degrees.  The weather we have had lately has been unusually cold with considerable moisture.  On certain days you will notice a “skim” of ice on your system at times but should not be more than such.  A heat pump has a “defrost system” to detect when the system needs to melt away the ice.  When the system does so is usually every 60-90 minutes or a lot of the newer technology today has what we call “on demand” defrost.  Should you notice that the ice is rather thick and doesn’t seem to be melting you could have a potential problem and should call a technician to have your system looked at.

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