Is Duct System Sealing Important?

For some time now in our industry there has been talk of indoor air quality.  There at one time was the opinion that we needed air cleaners to help eliminate particulates in the air.  Let me make clear that I am in now way discounting a good air cleaner.  We have found in our analysis that there is first another area that needs to be examined before installing an air cleaner to your home.

Most duct systems in existing homes are inadequate.  What do I mean by inadequate?  Well, to start with they were sealed with duct tape if they were sealed at all. Thanks to improving technology we today have a special sealant to apply to ducts to eliminate leakage.  Studies have shown over a period of time that duct tape dries out and the end result?  Well, you don’t have any sealing at all.  What this means is twofold.  First, with the duct system not being sealed you are losing capacity on your system and using more energy (up to 30%!).  Second, you could be bringing moist, damp, dirty air from under your home or attic right into the living space.

What is an indicator of a duct system that is leaking?  If you have noticed excessive dust, uncomfortable rooms, hot spots and cold spots in the home, and possibly even drafts, your home could greatly benefit from duct sealing.